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Dr. David B. Routley, III, D.C.Massage - appointments available Monday through Saturday

Initial Visit - your first Chiropractic visit with us is usually 25-35 minutes, including the paperwork portion of the visit.  No one likes paperwork but it is a necessary evil, and actually is an important part of your over-all care.  Dr. Routley tries to answer four questions at your first visit: (1) What is your problem? (2) What can be done to correct your problem? (3) How long will it take? (4) What will it cost?  By answering these questions, a plan specific to your problem can be developed, and we can begin right away to help you feel better.  We do all of this while trying to help you feel comfortable and relaxed with your treatment.  Dr. Routley is especially good with nervous patients or those who are skeptical of Chiropractic adjustments.  

Insurance - understanding and billing insurance can be a never ending headache.  We will try and help you the best we can. With insurances that we participate with, we are usually able to access your Chiropractic coverage benefits. Recent changes in law have made this somewhat more difficult. We recommend that you call your insurance carrier directly to find out your coverage. 

If you don't have insurance coverage for Chiropractic services, you should be glad to know that Chiropractic care has repeatedly been shown to be cost-effective and less expensive than other forms of health care for similar diagnosed conditions. 

David B. Routley, III, D.C.

If you are wondering how Dr. Routley can help you, look under services for various conditions Chiropractic care has helped to improve. If you don't see a condition listed, please contact Dr. Routley's and he will do his best to get information to you pertaining to your problem. Understand, the only way Dr. Routley can truly help you is by seeing you in the office.

Please look around our web site. Enjoy your visit. Appointments can be made by contacting the office at 231-972-4141.  A map to the office can be found under the find/contact page in the menu to the left of this screen.  Dr. Routley will do his best to help you improve your health, to feel better, and to live a more enjoyable, productive and fun life.