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Shoulder, arm or leg pain - When your big brother slugs you in the arm, you expect your arm to be sore. But it is not uncommon for people to come into the Chiropractor’s office with arm or leg pain and have no idea about the source of the pain. This pain of unknown origin may be a constant pain, or one that comes and goes depending upon the body’s position. Perhaps it is a pain that comes on when you sleep at night, or try and sleep.

These pains may be coming directly from a tissue or joint problem in the arm or leg. But they may also be coming from problems in the neck (arm pain) or the low back (leg pain). You may have a neck or low back problem that is causing arm or leg pain, but is not causing neck or low back pain. At least not pain of which you are aware. During examination of the neck or back, your Chiropractor may find areas of the spine that are very sensitive to even the lightest of touches, and yet you do not feel any discomfort from those areas without that touch.

Chiropractors usually refer to these sensitive areas that are causing arm or leg pain as “Subluxation”. Simply put, Subluxation in Chiropractic terms means one or more vertebral levels that is not functioning properly and is therefore irritating or preventing proper nerve function. This improper nerve function may be expressed as arm or leg pain if it is irritating a nerve that expresses such pain. For example, the Flexor Hallicus Longus muscle is responsible for flexing your big toe. If you stimulate those nerve fibers, anywhere along the nerve fibers which cause that muscle to flex the big toe, the only thing that nerve can do is tell that muscle to flex the big toe.
This is a simple explanation of how stimulating pain fibers for the leg at the vertebral level, and not necessarily at the point of the pain, how that stimulation can only cause leg pain. If the fibers that cause low back pain are not stimulated or irritated, no low back pain is felt.

But what about the sore spot in the back from the touch of your Chiropractor? That is tenderness in the joint tissues and muscle fibers that are associated with the vertebrae of that particular area of your spine. Because the vertebrae are not functioning or moving properly, muscles work differently and harder to maintain mobility. The joint tissue is moved differently, or perhaps very little motion at all happens at that joint level. These things all lead to tenderness at that spinal level.

By performing a simple Chiropractic evaluation and taking a complete history, Dr. Routley can help you determine the real cause of your arm or leg pain. “I have seen many people in my office who have undergone numerous and expensive studies (X-ray, MRI, or EMG (Electromyelograph), or undergone extensive physical therapy and tried several expensive medication.”, says Dr. Routley. “Often times I find these people have a Subluxation, we correct it and establish a home therapy program aimed at strengthening the neck or back, and within a few visit’s the arm or leg pain is diminished or completely relieved. It is unfortunate so many people seek Chiropractic care as a last resort and end up spending lots of time in pain, and lots of money for nothing.”, concludes Dr. Routley.

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