Dr. Routley is currently working on Certification for I.C.E.s.  Although the state of Michigan does not require certification, and Dr. Routley is more than capable to perform independent evaluations, he still believes it is important and proper to credential one's self.  I.C.E.s can have significant legal and financial impacts on the insurance company, the treating doctors, but most importantly the alleged injured party.  It is important to have the correct information gathered, a proper review of records, and a correct and thorough examination of the patient to determine if injury exists, does it fit the alleged injury, does the care properly apply to the injury, does it seem reasonable and effective, has the patient reached MMI, and can any objective data lead to a determination as to disability. 

Dr. Routley should be Certified in Record Reviews and Independent Chiropractic Evaluations soon.

Please contact this office at 231-972-4141 if we may be of service in either of these two areas.