Chiropractic research highlights on various conditions that prompt people to seek Chiropractic care.  This is not an exhaustive list of conditions for which research is available.  If you wish Chiropractic information on a condition not listed here, please contact the office and Dr. Routley will do his best to find you your desired Chiropractic information.

This page is a work in progress, please visit often for updates.  Thank you.

Lumbar Spine Research

Chiropractic management versus pain clinic management:                    Chiropractic Management        Pain Clinic

                                                                                               pain at 4 weeks            25% better                        16% worse

                                                                                               pain at 8 weeks            34% better                        20% worse

        Chiropractic treatment produced significant improvements . . . compared to the treatment administered by the pain clinic.

A comparison between chiropractic management and pain clinic management for chronic low-back pain in a national health  service outpatient clinic.  Wikey, A.  Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine  2008 Jun;14(5):465-73

Lower Extremity Research


Upper Extremity Research


Cervical Spine Research


Headache Research


Safety and Effectiveness


Cost Comparison


Visceral Disorders