Initial Visit

  • Examination
  • X-ray
  • Palpation for:
  •          general alignment
  •          muscle
  •          joint motion
  • Medical History
  • Family History

We're Here to Help

If you have questions about your health and Chiropractic care, you are encouraged to ask Dr. Routley, who will gladly sit down and talk to you about Chiropractic care and your particular condition or problem. While no health care professional has all the answers, Dr. Routley will provide you with the best information available today.


Is Chiropractic Sate?

Absolutely. However, adverse reactions occur with any procedure performed by any health care professional.

CASE IN POINT: Most people worry about getting their neck adjusted. Research shows that people who take NSAID's (like aspirin) for headaches or neck pain have a 4,000 times greater chance of dieing from a bleeding ulcer than having a vascular problem resulting from neck manipulation.

This is not to say that NSAID's are dangerous, or that Chiropractic is without side effects. We use this comparison to point out that you may be taking aspirin without any thought to safety while Chiropractic may be a safer method for alleviating pain!

See "Medications" under Research for additional information.